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I don't know about you but I miss newspapers, the noise they make as they move across the kitchen table and that sort of rustling sound when you get crumbs underneath – I do clean my kitchen table but toast is messy.

I even sort of miss having to move my cup off to one side every time I turn the page. Sometimes I still do it, when there’s a sudden change of subject too early in the morning: sitting at the table I’ll place my cup at arms length for a couple of sips and then bring it back – as if turning an invisible page – but only when I’m pre-caffeinated, of course.

Unfortunately, there just isn't time for newspapers anymore, now I'm an entrepreneur. And that’s the entrepreneur’s dilemma: enjoy the things you enjoy, or power-through task lists, getting things done. Well here’s the entrepreneur’s solution: make newspapers!

Sound crazy? Sound like a tough life taking the A. W. Merrick path? Don’t feel like getting slapped in the face by Al Swearengen? Well who does, so outsource it to Newspaper Club. Newspaper Club accepts PDF uploads and ships printed short-run newspapers right back to your door.

For a run of five hundred, the cost is currently under £1 each and for runs of fifty it's under £2. They can even print one-offs for you! So what’s stopping you? Roll the presses!

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