BYOB Glasgow Glue Factory

It's one thing to be watching a movie and wanting to be in it but quite another to be inside a movie and wanting to stay there. And that's exactly how I felt at a recent Bring Your Own Beamer event at the Glue Factory in Glasgow.

While the idea of carrying your own projection equipment and doing something creative with it is nothing new, the blend of work, artists and location worked with the same magic as a group of musicians sitting down for the first time and feeling something click. There was also something unique in the sheer Glasgow-winter coldness of the space combined with the intangible nature of the projected light that made the event feel all the more fleeting. As much as energy can be derived just from enabling independent expression, unwelcome dissonance can also be created at such events. Through passionate enthusiasm for the form and intuitively enlightened curation however, the organisers Diane Edwards and Craig Jackson ensured this band played on in style and in tune.

The big take-home lesson for me was that collaboration, where well-guided, inevitably leads to the new and exciting – and who could ask for more than that on a cold winter's evening?

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