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IdN is an international publication for creative people and its mission is to amplify and unify the design community. It is devoted to bringing designers from around the globe together to communicate with, learn from and inspire one another. It has truly become what the initials of its title proclaim it to be — an international designers’ network.
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Zetafonts — Francesco Canovaro, Debora Manetti, Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini — Florence, Italy

Friday 11th September 2020

“We are very proud of Quarantype, a collection of 10 free typefaces we designed in just three weeks, at the start of the Covid-19 lockdown. Like everybody else at the time, we felt a lot of anxiety and decided to translate it into a set of fonts that would spread good vibes, a sort of typographic antidote to the virus. We got lovely feedback from the community, with our fonts appearing in ‘stay home’ posters and being reviewed by magazines such as Eye and Print and influencers such as Typewolf.”
Categories: Media

BumBumType — Taipei, Taiwan

Thursday 10th September 2020

“Our best-known typeface is Albra. With a graphic-design background we know how frustrating it is sometimes to find complementing typefaces. This is why we designed Albra. It can be combined in any possible way, has a wide range of styles and is fully compatible. Plus we are still working on extending this collection for the future. Basically, it’s an all-in-one solution for every project, a mega collection.”
Categories: Media

Studio Lindhorst-Emme — Berlin, Germany

Wednesday 09th September 2020

“If you only have a few words as a title, I like to modify the characters by stretching them. The nearly unreadable has an enormous charm in my opinion. In contrast to the classic typeface design, which is designed to offer the greatest possible reading comfort, I like to experiment with the font, the individual characters, and therefore usually create a typeface or even just a readable image in contrast to an optimally cut font.”
Categories: Media

Rosetta Type Foundry — Brno, Czech Republic

Tuesday 08th September 2020

“Our most recent release is a typeface called Adapter. It is a result of a years-long team effort to draw an unobtrusive, modernist sans-serif. There are two versions, Text and Display, each with its own personality. The goal was to provide a high-quality language support and build a variable font to allow the typeface to adapt to different design projects. We have already expanded it across Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew and Latin and made sure it works equally well in each of them.”
Categories: Media

IdN v26n3: Typeface Design Issue — Much More Than Mere Words

Tuesday 08th September 2020

Perhaps the most romantic way of regarding typefaces is that they embody the unspoken messages in our words. And as such they affect us all, designers and non-designers alike. But a typeface in itself is not typography any more than an alphabet is a word, despite the intrinsic relationship of one to another. Words could not exist without an alphabet while an alphabet needs to form words to have a purpose.
Categories: Media

Estúdio Kuumba — David Silva — Minas Gerais, Brazil

Thursday 27th August 2020

How do you think the design of a restaurant is different from other identity projects? “With today’s diversity of tastes and styles it has become essential to remain different from the crowd when it comes to visual identity. For a product to stand out in the market it needs to be different — in terms of packaging, flavour, service, quality. All these aspects make the brand stand out from the rest and gain recognition in the market.”
Categories: Media

Ozan Karakoc Design Studio — Los Angeles, USA

Tuesday 25th August 2020

How do you find designing for a restaurant different to other identity projects? “A restaurant/café identity can manage a customer’s perception, and even alter their sense of taste.”
Categories: Media

Redkroft — Warsaw, Poland

Wednesday 19th August 2020

“The key to designing a food brand is to use visuals to make you feel, well, hungry. There are many ways to achieve this — from colour through form to brand language. The image must be very consistent and properly associated, but above all, it should stimulate our senses. The second important thing is a clear message. The image should clearly suggest which cuisine we are dealing with, what price range we can expect, or what type of customer is being addressed. When designing for restaurants, we consider the product and service simultaneously. One shouldn’t dominate the other.”
Categories: Media

Yuán Méi — Protect the Forest or there will be Nothing Left — Beijing, China

Tuesday 18th August 2020

If everyone uses one additional piece of paper every day, there are fewer trees in the world. Over exploitation of resources and the damage of vegetation greatly reduce the forest area and threaten the survival of animals. The tear-marks of the three pieces of paper form the outline of trees and mountains, which directly shows the process of erosion of forests. The poster calls for conservation of resources and protection of forests.
Categories: Media

Folklore — Chihuahua, Mexico

Monday 17th August 2020

How do you find designing for a restaurant different to other identity projects? “For us, it is different. The pleasure and passion that people have when enjoying a great restaurant with good food inspires us to create these projects. We like to pretend that we are right there conjuring up what the client would like to see. This way, creativity usually comes in a more spontaneous and natural way.”
Categories: Media

A’Design Award & Competition 2021 — Top Winners Announced — Italy

Monday 17th August 2020

A’Design Award & Competition, one of the World’s largest and most diffused international design awards announced results of the 2019/2020 design competition: 2094 Winners from 107 countries in 104 different design disciplines. Entries were carefully evaluated by an internationally influential jury panel composed of established scholars, prominent press members, creative design professionals and experienced entrepreneurs who devoted great care and attention to details while voting each entry.
Categories: Media

Evleen Huang — Light of Love — New York, USA

Monday 17th August 2020

Children with autism are referred to as “children of the stars”, they live in the world but are lack of understading and love. People communicate with them has been compared to talking to an alien. But don’t be afriad, stars will try their best to find their children with the light of love. It can drive away all darkness. Catch the light of love, heal them and heal the world.
Categories: Media
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