What the Makers Do

On Note-taking

Be ready.

Your ideas are like constellations of fireflies: multi-dimensional arrangements of sparks which, when viewed from a certain place can make a unique pattern visible only to yourself. Your notebook is your camera. Use it quickly and without hesitation or interruption.

Deciding to Decide

One of the best things you can do for your business, if it is beginning to scale, is to decide in advance how you are going to make decisions. This could be in advance of each decision, or even in advance of the decisions being required.

BYOB Glasgow Glue Factory

It's one thing to be watching a movie and wanting to be in it but quite another to be inside a movie and wanting to stay there. And that's exactly how I felt at a recent Bring Your Own Beamer event at the Glue Factory in Glasgow.

Richard Craig

Recently, WATM had a chat with avant-garde flautist Richard Craig about his approach to work and collaboration with other artists. Here's what happened:

Alternative Sunday Lunch

"No that's not how you do it, this is how you should do it". "No, that's a shite idea, this is better...", and the beers flow and, "Ahh, let's get some burgers." There's nothing quite like sitting down for some grub with chums to challenge yourself and set new ideas in motion.

Donna Nicholson Arnott

Recently, WATM caught up with Glasgow mark-maker Donna Nicholson Arnott to discuss her work. Here's how it went: